Now we do understand that it has nothing to do with backpacking or travelling (yet!), but in a way it’s a topic about nature and this is so huge that we can’t go without sharing it: American scientists announced that they have possibly found traces of previous life on Mars!

Scientists, working with the – not as famous as Curiosity – Mars rover Spirit, think that they found proof of life, that existed long ago on our red neighbouring planet (according to the Independent). After studying some rare minerals, they have found on the planet, they came to a conclusion that the sediment has very likely been created by ancient microbes.

After a thorough study of the minerals, they have noticed that they have protrusions that are very similar to cauliflower.

Mars Minerals - possible proof of life on Mars
Mars Minerals

The study began in 2009 when these strange minerals were discovered by Spirit. The discovery was made in Gusev crater, once possibly full of hot springs and geysers. Although now this place does not seem to be a spot where you would find evidence of any life forms.

Nevertheless, very similar minerals and sediments were found on Earth in Atacama desert, Chile, and also in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

Long story short – if it’s possible on Earth, it could be also possible on Mars. If the facts will be proved by the scientists, this will be one of the greatest science discoveries in the history of mankind, I mean – Life on Mars!


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