Backpackers Nation is a place where all backpackers and travellers are welcome to join under one flag and share their experience and adventures. It’s a platform for like-minded people to join into one community and share the experience and joy of travelling.

We want to create a base of information that was put together by travellers for travellers. Let’s make this a place where people will find all the information they need to start their own adventures, find the most interesting places, best tips, life-hacks and all the help they will need.

It’s not only a place where fellow nomads will be able to find the information for their travel plans, but also a place to store their own adventures and share them with the travelling community. It’s a place where they will be able to find the funny and happy moments of others and share a laugh.

Backpackers Nation is all about real travelling, experiencing the cultures of different countries, trying local traditional meals, having a local beer in a local bar, going on hikes, bursting into a jungle to see some rare animals, climbing mountains, crawling in caves and EVERYTHING that YOU enjoy. Backpackers Nation is all about the real backpacker community, but more importantly – it’s about YOU.

We believe that all people are equal. But we also believe that they all are different. Everyone comes from a different place, from a different culture, different background and with different views about the important things in life (and the fun things in life). That’s why we want you to be yourselves when you share your adventures.

Some of you love to travel to feel what it’s like to be a native of another country, to taste the food, to try the drinks, to dance to a new rhythm. Some love beer, some love wine, others – good whisky. Some of us do not find people nor food to be that important but love to spend our days in the beauty of surrounding nature and travel to experience the difference and challenges of it. And here, in Backpackers Nation, we want travellers to find like-minded people and see the different points of view about the same destinations.

In addition, we will try to tell you about the best ways we found to travel, the best gear you can get for your trips, programmes and tips about making it easier to start backpacking. We will share some cool places to stay in different countries, tell you the mistakes we made, share a laugh about it and inform you about the dangers some destinations might hide. Everything only based on our own experience.

We will also help to spread positive news from around the world (enough of all the negative information from the media) and things that we believe should really matter. So if you know something that you think other travellers should know of, share it and we will help you spread the word.

We will not publish any leisure travelling deals, hotel deals, cruises or anything that we believe is not THE REAL BACKPACKING.

We, the creators of Backpackers Nation, want this to be the happy and useful place for all the real backpackers. In our travels we met an amazing amount of wonderful and good fellow travellers and other great people, that’s why we believe we can create a great community that will be helpful to one another.

Finally, Backpackers Nation is a tip of an iceberg, a beginning phase of a big project that will be beneficial to each and everyone equally who will join and help us to create the content. We are looking for travellers who are passionate about writing, marketing, development, photography and everyone who just wants to be a part of a great thing. That’s what we intend to do – create something great, a place where good people will share their knowledge, be helpful to one another, a place where you’ll be able to find a lot of positive news. Our goal is to create a game changer for backpackers, where everyone who collaborates will be able to benefit from his input to this community. More information will follow!

Enough reading – Join our Nation! 

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