10Adventures hiking route guides

One amazing tool we HAVE to share with you is 10Adventures.com. This travel blog is actually created to help you plan your next big adventure. You can download the route right into your phone or a laptop, and even get the precise GPS coordinates so you would not get lost. And the best part is – it’s all free!

The GPS coordinates are precise because 10Adventures.com actually does the trails they cover. They are not created from comments or reading on other people’s ideas of how they imagine the route to be. They send their contributor (which you can also become if you want, just follow this link to see how to become a contributor) to make sure it’s a great hike and you can do it a well.

The blog has different kinds of guides, but mostly it covers topics like how to plan the trip and what to do in the area, the exact day hikes or the longer thru-hikes. They also offer tours and write about other adventurous activities.

Guide Examples

Here’s an example of how thorough their Planning article is – How to Plan your trip to the North Cascades National Park.

Here’s another great example of their hiking guide – Diablo Lake Hike in Washington State.

Here’s another amazing guide to the Lone Eagle Peak in Colorado.

And this is an amazing guide for the Pacific Crest Trail.

10Adventures has helped us a lot to plan our hikes. Make sure to check out their website yourself!

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