All the preparations are done; more than 16 months of hard work, planning and saving every penny and we are able to travel again. This time we will try to go bigger, higher and longer.

Many Europeans pick a trip to the Austrian Alps or just go hiking in Greece. But we planned a year long trip around the world. Well, we did not plan it; we just picked the countries we want to see and told each other that it could take roughly a year to do every one of them.

Backpacking USA is the first plan. After that we will head south to Central America. We will visit Nicaragua and from there we will go further down south. It is not worth stating which countries we will go to yet, as the plans can change with the change of the wind. I mean literally, the changing of weather in some countries could mean that you are heading into a storm…

Backpacking USA – the rough plan

Our journey will begin in Seattle where we are renting a car and getting some tools for our journey that we cannot bring on flight from Lithuania.

The journey will consist mainly of visiting national parks. For us, backpacking USA is a great opportunity to do some hiking and to try to see as much of great scenery and wildlife as we can. We are not big city people, so most likely we will miss out on all the nightlife and posh places.

We will try to visit nearly 20 national parks within 2 months. Amongst them we will definitely do North Cascades, Glacier, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Arches, Monument Valley, Siuslaw, Zion and other national and state parks and wildlife refuges.

Backpacking USA

Our gear for the trip

Backpacking USA is not a cheap thing. We are going to go for the lowest budget possible, to be able to do more in other countries that will follow.

Our main tools for the trip will be our car and our tent. The car will take us to all the places we want and we will be able to put all our things into it. The tent will hopefully be a good choice of sleeping as the country has a lot of campgrounds to offer and it is at least 4-5 times cheaper as to staying in motels and hostels.

We will use fire logs to make fire and cook our food. For that we plan on getting some pots, plates and cutlery when we are in Seattle.

Backpacking USA

Before every new location we will try to get as much food into the car as we can. As we will not have any electric coolers, we will mainly be eating canned food, sandwiches and everything that does not expire too fast. We wish we would be able to bring a power source, such as the Jackery Explorer 1500 solar power station, but we obviously would not be able to take it on the plane and it would be costly to buy and leave after a couple of months.

And to be able to have normal showers and do the laundry, we will occasionally find a regular place to stay a night in between our travel locations. Although a camping shower might also be a great idea to have.

This is the rough plan and we will tell you how it goes on the way.

With the stories of our travels we hope to influence more people to go out there and see the world, live the life others live, try new things and be free. To at least once in your lifetime become free from all the ties, careers, economic growth, statuses and roles. Do what you want to do and test your capabilities.

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